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First quarter assignment: Write a paper at least 3 pages long in MLA format describing the logical deductive reasoning used by Sherlock Holmes in one of the short stories written about him by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  This is not a book report, but an analysis of the master of logic and how he thinks.  Do your best to produce a report of which Sir Arthur and Sherlock (not to mention Dr. Watson) would be proud!

Obviously you will talk about the story in the report, but the big enchilada is all about analyzing his reasoning.  Feel free to also relate it to how you apply the same skills in a geometric setting.  After all, it's about the thinking skills, now isn't it!  In the final analysis, you should be able to relate what he does to what we are doing in Geometry.  Don't be shy; go for it!

Here is the incredible link that sends you into the Sherlockian world, where you will not only find all of his stories, but all of the background information about the greatest detective of all time! Enjoy!

The most incredible Sherlock Holmes site on the web

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The Extra Credit Stuff You Covet:

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Second quarter assignment: Write a paper at least three pages long in MLA format describing and interpreting the world of Flatland as told in part 1 of the book.  This should be topic focused, not a book report.  Topics could include why women are different from men, the progression of sides, the treatment of irregular shapes, the color wars, or the preisthood.  You may refer to the movie to comment on changes made to bring the story from the 19th century to the 21st century.  For full credit at least three topics need to be discussed.  Keep in mind that the author was writing a book that was intended for the entertainment of his Geometry students and as a political satire of the ways of his world.

If you can't find the book in the library you can read it online, thanks to this site provided by Proffesor Banchoff:


Third quarter assignment: So you've seen Flatland:the movie, described different sized dimensions and even briefly postulated on the fourth dimension and it's theoretical qualities.  It's now time to roll up your sleeves and dive into that great big world-wide web of information at your fingertips to answer that age old question: "What exactly is the fourth dimension and how can I justify its existance?" To answer this question you need your favorite search engine and an open mind. The answer lies not just in the mathematical evidence in theory, equations and pictures, but also in the philosophical possibilities and how we, as three dimensional beings, can ever come to understand an existance beyond our own perception.  I want the usual 3 plus pages of information, but I also want YOUR thoughts and synthesis of the information. I want your young 21st century minds to explore what might be real and be realized in your lifetime. What if the fourth dimension is breached and used by your generation? What will that be like? Remember that what might seem to be great science fiction quite often eventually becomes science fact. DARE TO DREAM!