Konichiwa!  I was fortunate to have been a recipient of a Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund (JFMF) Teacher Program Scholarship, which gave me the opportunity to learn about the educational system, government and culture of Japan first hand during a three week imersive adventure in June 2006. 
This site provides you with the following links to various sites I have created or found that will provide you with information about Japan:
Take a trip to Japan by way of my day by day travelogue. My virtual suitcase is waiting!
Find out about the JFMF Teacher Program.  You too could go!
Read The Japan Times.  Their motto is "All the news without fear or favor".
Link to a page that contains selected links to other teachers' JFMF experience web pages.
Check out examples of my students' work and the lesson plan I wrote on symmetry based on my discovery of manhole cover artwork in Japan.